“The Gilets Jaunes have blown up the old political categories”

The article at the link below is the best one we have found on the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) movement in France. We recommend that people read it and think:


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5 Responses to “The Gilets Jaunes have blown up the old political categories”

  1. Futilitarian says:

    “How are radical and autonomous social forces to insert themselves into this unfamiliar and uncertain situation … ?” I know where this bloke’s manipulative babble ought to be inserted. Beware the bourgeois intellectual peddling social revolution.

    My predictions:

    The chances that these skirmishes will lead to some Big Left Thing — 0%.

    The chances that Macron will compromise with a few crumbs here and there and the upsurge will dissipate to nothing — 80%.

    The chances that Le Pen will benefit from the generalised social grumpiness — 50/50.

    The chances that Jeremy Roos will continue to make a good living out of being a professional faux-revolutionary windbag — 100%.

    The chances that Jeremy Roos would make an excellent commissar in the unlikely event that a Big Left Thing came into being — 100%.

    • ablokeimet says:

      The contributions of Futilitarian puzzle me. While she/he seems to have an Anarchist analysis of society, she/he seems to have only criticism for people who attempt to act on that analysis. Her/his screen name indicates a position that nothing can or should be done. It strikes me that, if somebody has a roughly Anarchist analysis & truly believes that nothing can or should be done, that person would be better employed putting their comments up on Right wing sites & arguing for the futility of their activity.

      • Futilitarian says:

        Ablokeimet, I’d be more than happy to go onto right wing sites to inform the denizens of those realms of the pointlessness of their efforts. Do you recommend any in particular?

      • ablokeimet says:

        It depends on your chosen target. The largest Australian based extreme Right Facebook accounts of which I’m aware are Reclaim Australia, Respect Australia & Stop the Mosques Australia. They’re talkshops. If you’re looking for organisations that are out to recruit, candidates include the Facebook pages of Infidel Brotherhood of Australia, the Soldiers of Odin Main Page & Melbourne Division and the Australia First Party.

  2. Futilitarian says:

    Thanks, Ablokeimet, but I find that end of the right to be too vicious, stupid and insensible for any communication to take place on any level except the most base. It’s a good thing those groups comprise only an infinitesimally small proportion of the population. I much prefer an occasional communication with my over-educated, over-thinking ultra-leftist comrades whose glorious visions of the future never quite go to plan, especially on those rare historical occasions when they actually manage to seize power somewhere. Things really go awry then.

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