Final declaration of the founding congress of the Union Communiste Libertaire (UCL)

The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group is pleased to publish the following announcement, which we reproduce as received.

Final declaration of the founding congress of the Union Communiste Libertaire (UCL)

Union Communiste Libertaire

As we – activists from Alternative Libertaire and the Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes – gathered in a common congress, we decided to create a new revolutionary organisation : the Union Communiste Libertaire (French for Libertarian Communist Union).

In times of an intensifying capitalist crisis, one would like to make us choose between the liberal bourgeoisie in power and far-right partys in embush.

We cannot accept it. As a contrary, we affirm that another project of society is needed, based on direct democracy, self-management/self-government and federalism.

We want neither a world that has been tailored for those who possess, nor a militarized and locked society under digital surveillance.

Here as well as all over the world, we stand in solidarity with migrants and refugees, and alongside those who wish to knock borders down and break imperialism, neo-colonialism, and more specifically “Françafrique”.

In France, the anger of “Gilets Jaunes” (Yellow Jackets movement) vividly remind the state power that class struggle is just as topical as ever. In fact, state power quickly realized it as it uses particularly brutal a repression against this movement.

We took part in the “Gilets Jaunes” movement the same way we actively commit to the class struggle through building struggles, strikes and unions. Each day we tirelessly resist the capitalist exploitation in our workplaces. And we keep general strike as our horizon.
Where we study, we fight against social selection that become everyday harder.

The Union Communiste Libertaire will struggle alongside those who fight to destroy patriarchy. From our own ranks as well as in society in general, we will fight against sex and gender oppressions, sexism and oppression against GLBTI people.
Against the mechanics of racism, we will be rising up and in support of struggles against police violence.

We will keep on marching with all the demonstrators who take to the streets to oppose climate change and the collapsing of biodiversity, what capitalists are responsible for.

The Union Communiste Libertaire is willing to welcome all those who want to build another society. In cities, surburbs and in the country, everywhere we live, we will build this organisation to materialize a future free from all exploitation and dominations.

This future in which we place our hopes has a name: libertarian communism.

10th of June, 2019

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3 Responses to Final declaration of the founding congress of the Union Communiste Libertaire (UCL)

  1. Futilitarian says:

    Hullo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o, Ablokeimet. It’s finally happened! You’ve lost all patience with me and decided not to publish my last post! I nevertheless applaud you for not immediately succumbing to the non-libertarian practice of aggressive censorship that currently pervades many tendencies that believe they’re of the Left — but everyone, even you, Ablokeimet, reaches a limit to his or her endurance. For a long time you demonstrated yourself to be a consistent and principled anarchist — despite your communistic eccentricities — but stumbled at the last hurdle. Alas, we are but human. I nonetheless wish thee good fortune and bid thee farewell.

    • ablokeimet says:

      What I reached was an unavoidable trip at short notice to a place where I didn’t have normal internet access. Normal service is now resumed. Hopefully not to be interrupted for that length of time again any time soon.

      • Futilitarian says:

        Strewth, Ablokeimet, I share your concern about being incommunicado for such a lengthy duration. The revolution could’ve broken out and you would’ve been well and truly caught on the back foot. In your absence Vanguardists would’ve had the opportunity to assert their leadership over the forward thrust of the proletariat, resulting in yet another blown historical opportunity for anarchism. But now that it’s clear I haven’t been no-platformed you can rest assured that I’ll drop in from time to time to offer my usual comradely criticism and helpful suggestions.

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