On Michael Schmidt

Serious allegations against Michael Schmidt, a prominent activist in the Anarchist movement in South Africa, were published on 25 September:


During October, documents were published in support of these allegations:


On 26 November, Michael Schmidt published a defence:


The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group is studying these documents and has not yet reached any conclusions. If the allegations against Michael Schmidt are true, he should be expelled from the movement and treated as both a serious danger and a thorough scoundrel. If they are false, he has been appallingly libelled and he deserves public exoneration – and his accusers are guilty of, at best, reckless behaviour.

We believe that a tribunal, composed so as to hold moral authority in the Anarchist movement, should be established to investigate the allegations thoroughly and impartially according to the principles of natural justice and to publish a report of its findings. The Anarkismo Network, to which the MACG belongs, is pursuing an initiative along these lines. The MACG therefore appeals to the Anarchist movement to withhold judgement until such a time as either the tribunal reports, or it becomes clear that the attempt to form a credible tribunal has failed.

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2 Responses to On Michael Schmidt

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  2. ablokeimet says:

    The MACG blog has received a statement detailing some elements of the accusations against Michael Schmidt. We have decided not to publish it because it is widely available elsewhere and we do not wish to take sides before reading the conclusions of a commission of inquiry which we hope will shortly be set up. The allegations are serious and deserve to be investigated by a body with wide moral authority.

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