This announcement originally appeared in The Anvil, Vol 4 No 3, published in June 2015

The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group is pleased to announce that, after several years of discussion, the Anarchist Federation Australia has formed on a provisional basis. It was founded at a meeting in Sydney on 14 June by (in alphabetical order) Jura Books, the Melbourne Anarchist Club, the Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group and Perth Libertarians. As is good practice in federalism, the members of the AFA are its affiliated groups. Individuals do not join the federation directly, but instead join an affiliated group.

Being only a provisional organisation, the AFA will spend the next few months attempting to reach agreement on a Constitution and making arrangements for a founding Congress. Until then, it will have no external activities. Discussions around draft Constitutions have reached an advanced stage and the groups are confident that an agreement for the formal launch of the AFA can be reached around the end of the year.

Documents will be published when the AFA is launched.

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