Defend the Fertility Control Clinic!


The Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group circulates the message below from the Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights in the spirit of the united front.  The MACG supports the clinic defences of the CWRR.

Defending the Clinic Saturdays

Every Saturday, the clinic needs defending against the increasingly aggressive harassment of anti-abortion zealots (shown in the photos of last Saturday)

Please join the clinic defence — a Saturday each month, each fortnight or whenever else you can.

The anti-choice movement is stepping up. So must the pro-choice movement.

State authorities are not interested in protecting abortion rights

— shown by their “neutral” non-protection of women’s right to access the clinic over 40 years, especially since abortion decriminalisation in 2008.

It’s up to us to make these rights real.

See you this Saturday and future Saturdays at 9.30 am

118 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne

 Fertility Control Clinic

118 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne

(between Powlett & Simpson Sts)


Clinic defences will then be every Saturday* at 9.30 am

*Except 31 March, when the clinic is closed for the public holiday.

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